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Highland Safety Systems came out to the site many times to do demos and obtain feedback.

- PCL Buyer

This equipment provides the unusual capability of a complete, engineered, easy to install guardrail system combined with a fully rated tie-off anchor point in one neat installation. That is a hard-to-beat package.

- Principal, U.S. Construction Safety Consulting Company

In my opinion, this is an excellent rental system for equipment rental businesses (that have customers in the high rise construction business) to add to their rental fleet. It is almost without maintenance; it goes out "on rent" for extended periods of time to customers; it has a very compact and portable storage system; and is designed to produce a very healthy return on investment. Speaking of design, it is so unique (and patented) that competitors will not be able to duplicate it. I am very impressed with this product

- Leading US Construction Rental Consultant

Highland's Edge7 guardrail system provides an integrated tie-off ring allowing the user to save time and money in the highly competitive Toronto construction rental market.

- Rob Wilson, VP Fleet Services, Stephenson's Rental Services, Toronto

The EDGE7 system also has a big impact on schedule. More labour hours can be spent on other critical areas of the project as the handrail will go up quickly and securely. Sub trades will also benefit from the systems tie off points which will have a positive impact on the schedule.


Over the past year we have been using your fencing product and your firm’s new tarping system. We have been extremely satisfied with the performance and productivity gains experienced using both products. The speed of installation coupled with no wood being required has proven to be cost effective. Your company's training and ongoing support has make using your products successful on our projects. We are pleased to endorse these products to others in our industry as being innovative and beneficial.

- Manager – Purchasing and Equipment, PCL Constructors Canada Inc.

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