CINCH Tarp Construction Containment System

Q: Are all mounting accessories and hardware included?

A: All brackets and straps are included. All that a user needs to provide are the recommended anchor bolts and power tools. Please see installation instructions for details.

Q: How strong is the tarp material?

A: Detailed technical specifications are available upon request. The 18.5oz PVC coated polyester material is the same type used in soft-roof barns and outbuildings, and in side-load retractable transport trucks.

Q: In an extreme wind storm what could I expect from the tarp system?

A: There is one occurrence of our CINCH Tarp surviving with no damage whatsoever in a wind storm of 100km/hr (60mph) in the Ottawa region. There is no certainty of the wind loads experienced at the precise site. ALSO we have now generated engineering evidence that shows that even a 20' high version of the tarp system would withstand wind pressures of 0.3kPa (approximately 80km/hr). Shorter tarps will withstand even more.

Q: What sizes are available and how do I estimate required size?

A: Tarps are all built to order at this point so sizes are fully customizable. With that said, the most common width is 19' (with 1' overlap, each tarp covers 18' laterally), and the heights most commonly from 10' to 22' (allow 2' vertical overlap).

Q: What colours and print finishes are available?

A: Standard colour is white which allows good transmission of natural light. Other colours are available, as are custom printed logos and other images. Contact Highland regarding any custom print requirements.

Q: Can the Cinch Tarps be mounted directly to the EDGE7 system?

A: Not at this point. The tarp mounting plates need to protrude slightly beyond the slab edge, while the EDGE7 system mounts in from the slab edge. Also, wind loads have not been accounted for in engineering the EDGE7 mounting system.

Questions are group by related product. 

EDGE7 Integrated Edge Protection System:

Q. What are the advantages of your system?

A. Our system has many advantages, the most important one being SAFETY. We believe our system to be the safest system on the market. Our system is also fully engineered and made of hot dipped galvanized steel so it will last a long time. All our posts have tie off points to secure workers and give them instant slab edge access. It is fast and easy to install. Our fence creates a barrier for workers as well as wind blown debris. Once installed, our posts require no maintenance, there is no disposal or waste and it makes your project look great. Our system is also very cost effective.

Q. How many pounds is the tie off ring engineered to hold?

A. The tie off ring has been engineered to hold 5,000 lbs. but is tested in excess of 10,000 lbs. with no visible deformation.

Q. What is the distance between tie off rings Posts?

A. The distance between posts is 7.5 feet.

Q. Can two people tie off on the same ring?

A. Only one person should tie off to each ring.

Q. Do you have stamped engineered drawings?

A. Yes, our guardrail system is fully engineered.

Q. Does the fence meet all safety requirement codes?

A. Yes, our guardrail system meets all mandatory codes in the regions in which we sell or rent.

Q. How much does each panel and post weigh?

A. The EDGE7 panels weigh approximately 45 lbs. and the posts weight about 20 lbs.

Q: Can the system be installed in all structure types?

A: The system can be installed on any structure with a horizontal concrete slab, unless structural conditions (PT cable, etc.) make it ill advised to drill holes. Even in those circumstances, careful hole placement can often resolve this issue. Installation manuals and supporting engineering reports dictate required concrete thickness and conditions. An embed accessory allows for attachment to steel decking before concrete application.

Q: What monitoring is required of the installed system?

A: There are no moving parts to have loosen, and concrete shrinkage / vibration will not affect our anchors. Therefore a simple periodic visual inspection to ensure no tampering or alteration of the installation is sufficient.

Q: How reusable are the posts and panels?

A: The system is completely manufactured using high quality steel and hot dip galvanizing, leading to an estimated 15 year life in varied outdoor conditions. With reasonable handling, components will be useful across many projects, reducing the cost per project to a best-in-class state.

Q: If I am concerned about the condition of a used post or panel, what do I do?

A: Contact Highland directly, or your local rental firm / distributor for guidance. Description / photographs can be helpful and if there is any uncertainty, we will suggest quarantining those units until proper re-certification.

Q: What installation guidance and training is available?

A: Full installation manuals are available, along with a variety of engineering drawings and test reports. In addition, upon request, interactive training is available, either through video conference or in person depending on locations and circumstances. A 'train the trainer' offering is being introduced.

Q: What if reinforcing bar impedes one or more of the anchors?

A: Common applications require either 2 or 3 anchors, but there are 5 holes in the post base plate. Therefore, alternate locations / attempts are almost always successful.

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