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Highland Safety System’s cinch TARP construction hoarding provides an efficient and cost-effective method of hoarding your construction site. Installation of our cinch TARP is quick and easy, lowering your labour costs. Simply clamp the top of the straps in place and tighten the bottom with our clamp and ratchet system. The TARPs are connected to each other on the side with a cam buckle, creating a professional, tight , streamlined looking site within minutes.

​Your construction site presents your company’s image to the public. Highland’s cinch TARPS are highly adaptable. They can be customized with your company’s name and logo, making our cinch TARPS an especially desirable method of hoarding your construction site.

Benefits of the system include

  • High quality engineered system far superior to conventional hoarding methods
  • made from high tenacity fabric
  • documented superior tensile and tear strength levels in warp and weft
  • tested to deliver peak performance in temperatures ranging from - 30 to +70C
  • highly durable
  • quick and easy installation and removal – requires no wood framing or carpentry
  • superior debris containment
  • remains tight, withstanding winds up to 100 km/h
  • creates a clean and streamlined view of the building’s exterior
  • custom branding available

We have been extremely satisfied with the performance and productivity gains experienced using your firm's tarping system.

- Manager, Purchasing & Equipment, PCL 


cinch TARP construction hoarding system